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Sociedade Brasileira de Telecomunicações

2010 - VII International Telecommunications Symposium

Optical Amplitude Multiplexing through Parametric Amplification: An Analysis for the Idler Signal

Recently a new technique that used parametric amplification in optical fibers to combine two binary signals into a single quaternary amplitude-shift keyin...

SBrT 2010

Evaluation of the Effects of the Co-Channel Interference on the Bit Error Rate of Cellular Systems for BPSK Modulation

A performance analysis in terms of the bit error rate for digital systems with co-channel interference is done. In order to evaluate the effects of the int...

SBrT 2010

Implementation of PKIX-P2P with trust-based reputation using the JXTA platform

Nowadays, implement security in P2P systems is a great challenge. The possibility of building an infrastructure of public keys (PKI) operating in P2P envi...

SBrT 2010

Evaluation of the Effects of Co-Channel Interference on the Bit Error Rate for QPSK and M-QAM Modulations

In this paper, a performance analysis for QPSK, 16- QAM and 64-QAM, modulations in the presence of co-channel interference is made. At first, an expression...

SBrT 2010

Hyperbolic lattices: a new propose for space time coding theory

In the context of space-time block codes (STBCs), the theory of hyperbolic lattices over totally real number field is presented, as well as theoretic crit...

SBrT 2010