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Sociedade Brasileira de Telecomunicações

A Unit Quaternion-based Spherical Trigonometry and a New Two-carrier Phase-quadrature Quaternion Modulation System

A new Hyperspherical trigonometry based on Quaternion ́s Algebra is introduced. Spatial curves on the surface of the unit-quaternion hypersphere are describe...

SBrT 2011

Modulação para rádio digital utilizando a amplitude de autocorrelação de códigos PN para transporte da informação.

The frequency bands used in mobile communications are allocated according to the type of application. With the need for more channels, the frequency spect...

SBrT 2012

Video Quality Assessment Based on the Effect of the Estimation of the Spatial Perceptual Information

The objective video quality assessment is a quick and low cost alternative compared with the subjective evaluation. However, the objective evaluation is no...

SBrT 2012

Economic Modeling of Radio Resource Management: A Novel Metaheuristic Approach

In this paper we introduce a constrained hybridPSO algorithm, called Improved Hybrid Particles Swarm Optimi-zation (I-HPSO), in order to find feasible soluti...

SBrT 2011

The Hamming and Golay Number-Theoretic Transforms

New number-theoretic transforms are derived from known linear block codes over finite fields. In particular, two new such transforms are built from perfect c...

SBrT 2018