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Sociedade Brasileira de Telecomunicações

2010 - VII International Telecommunications Symposium

Performance Analysis of HARQ in WiMAX Networks Considering Imperfect Channel Estimation

Hybrid Automatic Repeat Query (HARQ) is an error correction technique that has become an integral part of most current broadband wireless standards such a...

SBrT 2010

Optimized Blind Algorithms for Widely Linear Beamforming

The use of array beamforming in modern wireless communication systems has been increasingly investigated, due to their potential in rejecting interference ...

SBrT 2010

Optimal Policy for Initial Selection Radio Access Technology in Next Generation Wireless Networks

In this paper, we propose an optimal Joint Call Admission Control (JCAC) in next generation wireless networks, where different radio access technologies (R...

SBrT 2010

Optical Amplitude Multiplexing through Parametric Amplification: An Analysis for the Idler Signal

Recently a new technique that used parametric amplification in optical fibers to combine two binary signals into a single quaternary amplitude-shift keyin...

SBrT 2010

On the Use of Precoding in FBMC/OQAM Systems

Linear precoding can be applied to multicarrier systems to minimize the effect that a deep fade in one of the subchannels can have on the overall bit error...

SBrT 2010