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Sociedade Brasileira de Telecomunicações

2010 - VII International Telecommunications Symposium

Quaternary LDPC Codes on OFDM Systems

This paper evaluates the performance of quaternary LDPC codes associated to OFDM systems. The LDPC codes are based on a ring Z4 of integers modulo-4. Each...

SBrT 2010

Frequency-Domain Blind Source Separation employing a Non-Uniform DFT

Blind source separation (BSS) techniques have been extensively investigated in the last years, due to their large number of applications. There are two main...

SBrT 2010

Performance comparison between single-carrier and OFDM using the cutoff rate

This article aims to establish a performance comparison between the Single Carrier with Cyclic Prefix (SCCP) and the Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple...

SBrT 2010

Traffic Influence in Distributed Networks Using Cooperation and Set-Membership Filtering

This paper investigates the influence of data loss in the performance of cooperative adaptive filters in distributed networks. The algorithms analyzed are...

SBrT 2010

A speech database for the study of Lombard effect in Brazilian Portuguese

The Lombard effect is related to the change in the way people speak in noisy environments in order to compensate the degradation of the audio signal. There...

SBrT 2010