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Sociedade Brasileira de Telecomunicações

2012 - XXX Simpósio Brasileiro de Telecomunicações

PARAFAC Receiver for Uplink Cooperative Relay-Assisted DS-CDMA Systems

In this paper, we consider the uplink of a multiuser cooperative DS-CDMA communication system, where each user communicates with the base station with the ...

SBrT 2012

Performance Evaluation of Spatial Filtering for Relay-Assisted MIMO Communication Systems

We consider a dual-hop single-relayed Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) wireless communication system containing a relay that enables a link among sour...

SBrT 2012

Transmit/Receive Beamforming in Multiuser AF Relay Networks with Opportunistic Scheduling

This paper evaluates the outage performance of multiuser relay networks in which the source and each one of the destinations are equipped with multiple ant...

SBrT 2012

Energy Management in Wireless Networks from the Mobile Devices Perspective

Researches about the energy management of wireless communication systems are mostly focused on the base stations BTS side, once they are the main energy co...

SBrT 2012

Uma nova classe de mensagens para redes IEEE 802.15.4

Wireless Sensor Networks are being increasingly recommended for use in noisy industrial environment. An interes- ting standard to be used is IEEE 802.15.4,...

SBrT 2012