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Sociedade Brasileira de Telecomunicações

2020 - XXXVIII Simpósio Brasileiro de Telecomunicações e Processamento de Sinais

Synthesis of sung Spanish vowels in lyrical singing by sopranos using the Fant source-filter theory and the Rosenberg glottal pulse model

This paper aims to synthesize the sung Spanish vowels with covering considering the soprano vocal category of lyrical singers, including variation of sustain...

SBrT 2020

Automatic Generation of Error Correcting Systems Based on Convolutional Codes

Due to the wide use of digital systems, bit error control is an important task. Convolutional codes are error correcting codes widely used due to their effic...

SBrT 2020

Probabilidade de erro de bit em sistemas QAM-FBMC

The QAM-FBMC system have been a promising alternative to the OFDM for attempt the needs of 5G communication systems. Unlike for OFDM systems, does not exist ...

SBrT 2020

CNN-Based Learning System in a Generalized Fading Environment

In this paper, we investigate the Block Error Rate (BLER) performance of a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)- based autoencoder as a self-learning communica...

SBrT 2020

RPCA para Detecção de Mudanças em Imagens SAR UWB VHF Explorando Diversidade

This paper presents a method of change detection in ultrawideband (UWB) very high frequency (VHF) synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images, using the data analy...

SBrT 2020