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Sociedade Brasileira de Telecomunicações

Recurrent Source Separation Structures as Iterative Methods for Solving Nonlinear Equation Systems

Source Separation, Nonlinear Mixtures, Iterative Methods for Equation Solving, Recurrent Networks

SBrT 2012

Application of Dynamic Clustering into CoMP Systems

In the last few years, advanced multi-antenna systems attracted a lot of interest as a means to improve the spectral efficiency of conventional cellular netwo...

SBrT 2012

Sistemas Fuzzy aplicados ao Handover em Redes LTE com Falhas de Cobertura

In future generations of mobile communications, there is a tendency of significant augment of handover requisitions, which brings urgency to the formulation ...

SBrT 2019

Handover Baseado em Aprendizado de Máquina para Redes LTE com Falhas de Cobertura

The availability of information regarding the network's performance and the evolution of the capacity of big data's real time processing have enabled new app...

SBrT 2019

Proteção Compartilhada por Enlace para Redes Totalmente Ópticas

In this paper we present the robustness evaluation results for the link-shared protection algorithm. This analysis considers the protection rate and vulner...

SBrT 2017