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Sociedade Brasileira de Telecomunicações

Underwater target classification with optimized feature selection based on Genetic Algorithms

This paper presents an approach to target-classification optimization based on acoustic signals collected using a hydrophone, an underwater electroacoustic t...

SBrT 2020

Antenas Dual-Band MIMO de Microfita para Aplicações em Faixas de Frequências 5G

This article presents the development and analysis of new geometries of Dual-Band MIMO antennas (Multiple Input Multiple Output), compact, resonating at 2.3 ...

SBrT 2020

On the Performance Analysis of Full-Duplex Incremental Cooperative NOMA

A full-duplex incremental cooperative non-orthogonal multiple access (FD-ICN) scheme is proposed for a two user downlink network. Based on a pilot signal fro...

SBrT 2020

Detecção Hierárquica de Classes Desconhecidas em Sonar por "Autoencoders" Convolucionais

Acoustic waves captured by passive sonar systems are analyzed by human operators, aiming to identify possible threats in the subsea environment. Automatic Cl...

SBrT 2020

Projeto de um Amplificador de Baixo Ruído com Polarização Ativa para Receptores ADS-B

This work presents the design of a low noise amplifier (LNA) targeted to be used in 1.09 GHz ADS-B receivers. The design aims to satisfy the communication st...

SBrT 2020