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Sociedade Brasileira de Telecomunicações

Sparse Inverse Chirp-Z Transform of S-Parameter Measurements for Time Domain Analysis of Transmission Line

Time-domain analysis of S-Parameters can be performed by converting data collected in the frequency to time domain. Although the use of the Chirp Z Trans...

SBrT 2017

Sparse Solutions for Antenna Arrays

In the field of communication warfare, the use of transceivers with frequency hopping to avoid intensional interference is usual. As for the immunity to in...

SBrT 2011

Spatial and Temporal Analysis Considering Relevant Regions Applied to Video Quality Assessment

Video Quality Assessment (VQA) is an important factor to establish the quality of video communication and processing systems, such as broadcasting and mobile...

SBrT 2013

Spatial Information and Disparity-based Weighting Applied to Stereoscopic Video Quality Assessment

This paper presents new results on the objective evaluation of stereoscopic video quality. A balance between the scoresprovidedbyclassicalobjectivealgorithms...

SBrT 2013

Speaker Recognition Using Dynamic Features and The Null Space Combination of Classifiers in The Sub-band Domain

This paper investigates the inclusion of dynamic features in the input vectors used by the multiple classification scheme which employ the null space to co...

SBrT 2010