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Sociedade Brasileira de Telecomunicações

Improved Joint Resource and Power Allocation Algorithm with QoS Provisioning

This work revisits the resource and power assignment problem of maximizing the spectral efficiency of a wireless system subject to user satisfaction constr...

SBrT 2018

Implementação em FPGA de um Método Recursivo de Deconvolução Aplicado em Calorímetros Operando a Alta Taxa de Eventos

The LHC particle accelerator has undergone an update process, producing the effect known as pile-up (overlapping signals) in the Experiment frontend elect...

SBrT 2018

Diffusion-based Virtual Graph Adjacency for Fourier Analysis of Network Signals

This work proposes a graph model for networks where node collaborations can be described by the Markov property. The proposed model augments an initial graph...

SBrT 2020

The Impact of Spectrum Sharing Strategies on the E2E Performance of Machine Type Communication

This paper addresses spectrum sensing and sharing strategies for machine type communication in the cognitive net- works. We assess how such solutions prese...

SBrT 2017

Simulating Generalized Fading Channels in Python

We present a novel and well tested Python-based library for simulating and computing generalized fading channels considering α-μ, κ-μ, and η-μ distributi...

SBrT 2018