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Sociedade Brasileira de Telecomunicações

Crack Sensoring Devices Construction by Means of Microwave Resonant Circuit Design

Microwave engineering applications related to crack sensoring may have some implications and obstacles; for instance, high cost, adaptive design and external...

SBrT 2016

Aplicação do Modelamento Esparso em Rádios Cognitivos para Detecção do Espectro

Spectrum detection is the first step for it’s opportunistic utilization in Cognitive Radios. In this paper, a method that uses sparse modeling for spectrum d...

SBrT 2018

Power Spectrum Detection Using Clustering

Spectrum detection is the basic tool to permit cognitive radio to utilize an empty channel and opportunistically transmit. Considering the sparse utilizati...

SBrT 2017

Desempenho da Compressão de Imagens pra Transmissão de Imagens em Canais HF

Transmission in high-frequency (HF) is an alternative to high range and low cost systems, as image transmission in surveillance systems. Due to the effects ...

SBrT 2013

The Use of Discrete Prolate Spheroidal Sequences and Trig Prolates to Compressed Sensing

Compressed sensing may offer the possibility to acquire certain signals at a rate below Nyquist with guaranteed perfect recovery of these signals. In the p...

SBrT 2016