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Sociedade Brasileira de Telecomunicações

Identificação de Emoções Aplicada ao Reconhecimento Automático de Locutor

Este trabalho apresenta um estudo sobre o efeito das emoções no desempenho de sistemas de reconhecimento automático de locutor. Experimentos de identificaç...

SBrT 2011

A Bidirectional Processing Receiver for Layered

In this paper, we present a new receiver structure for layered space-time multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems based on non-linear interference ca...

SBrT 2012

Throughput Performance Analysis of Some Half and Full Duplex Cooperative Schemes

In this paper, we compare Full-Duplex (FD) and Half-Duplex (HD) relaying, in terms of outage probability and throughput. We consider a practical relay, whe...

SBrT 2011

Nanophotonics in Modern Communication Systems – Feasibility of Plasmon-Polariton Waveguides in Optical Networks

Use of surface-plasmons-polaritons has become a potential way to develop optical components below the diffraction limit. This paper reports the feasibility...

SBrT 2010

Performance of Single Carrier and Multicarrier With PAPR Reduction Technique in MIMO Systems

We have analyzed the spatial modulation (SM) OFDM and V-BLAST OFDM systems equipped with particle swarm optimization (PSO)-based partial transmit sequence ...

SBrT 2016