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Sociedade Brasileira de Telecomunicações

A (Very) Brief Survey on Optimization Methods for Wireless Communication Systems

Wireless data usage is growing now faster than ever before. In order to attend the increasing demand for wireless services and considering that frequency s...

SBrT 2010

Impact of Cable Non-uniformities on the Performance of Copper Fronthaul Exploiting the Phantom Mode Transmission

The fronthaul of the future 5G networks is expected to be the bottleneck for coping with the increasing data traffic demand. Despite optical fiber is the pr...

SBrT 2017

Spectrum Sharing Strategies for Machine Type Communication in Cognitive Networks

In this work we investigate spectrum sensing strategies for enabling machine-to-machine applications in broadband communication systems. Our studies are ca...

SBrT 2015

The Impact of Spectrum Sharing Strategies on the E2E Performance of Machine Type Communication

This paper addresses spectrum sensing and sharing strategies for machine type communication in the cognitive net- works. We assess how such solutions prese...

SBrT 2017

Diagnóstico de falhas em máquinas rotativas utilizando Random Forest

Este artigo apresenta uma forma de realizar o diagnóstico de falhas em máquinas rotativas através da análise de sinais de vibração. O presente trabalho rea...

SBrT 2016