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Sociedade Brasileira de Telecomunicações

User Cooperation Using Multiple Antennas

This paper proposes user cooperation strategy using multiple antennas technology (MIMO). In a first model we used a Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) sy...

SBrT 2010

Use of Parabolic Equation Wide-Angle for calculation of Path Loss in Indoor Environment

This paper proposes a model to calculate the propagation path loss in an indoor environment using parabolic equation wide angles relative to paraxial direc...

SBrT 2016

Unified Asymptotic Performance of Communication Systems in Fading Channels

The performance of wireless communications systems is affected by many components of the fading phenomenon. These components include clustering, nonlinearity...

SBrT 2019

Underwater Acoustic Noise Model for Shallow Water Communications

This article presents an empirical model for the noise of the acoustic underwater channel in shallow water from the analysis of field data measurements. A ...

SBrT 2012

Underlay Cognitive Networks with Partial Relay Selection and Primary-User Interference

Most related works addressing cognitive relaying networks focus on the impact of the interference constraint imposed by the primary receivers on the perfo...

SBrT 2017