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Sociedade Brasileira de Telecomunicações

2011 - XXIX Simpósio Brasileiro de Telecomunicações

Aplicação do Método Linear dos Momentos com Funções-base do Tipo Pulso Retangular para Análise de Nanoantenas Cilíndricas

Este trabalho apresenta uma análise numérica de nanoantenas cilíndricas de ouro. Esta análise foi feita através do método linear dos momentos (MoM), com um...

SBrT 2011

Applications of Data-Selective Adaptive Filters

In this article we discuss the capabilities and importance of data selection mechanisms in real-world tasks. We show how data-selective adaptive filters ca...

SBrT 2011

Applications of Enumerative Techniques in Communications

Many problems in communications and computer science require the characterization and enumeration of sequences. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate...

SBrT 2011

A Proposed Fountain Unequal Erasure Protection Scheme for MPEG Transport Streams over IP

The real-time transport of multi-media over IP faces issues, such as packet drops and jitter, that might generate severe impairments in the content being d...

SBrT 2011

Ascending chain of monoid rings and encoding

In this work, we present a construction techniqueof cyclic, BCH, alternant, Goppa and Srivastava codes throughthe monoid ring B[X;1kpZ0] instead of a polyno...

SBrT 2011