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Sociedade Brasileira de Telecomunicações

2015 - XXXIII Simpósio Brasileiro de Telecomunicações

Spectrum Sensing over -μ Shadowed Fading Channel with Noise Uncertainty

In this paper, the performance analysis of energy detection of cognitive radio systems operating over -μ shadowed fading channel distribution is presented...

SBrT 2015

Spectrum Sharing Strategies for Machine Type Communication in Cognitive Networks

In this work we investigate spectrum sensing strategies for enabling machine-to-machine applications in broadband communication systems. Our studies are ca...

SBrT 2015

Studying the compression performance of video descriptors

The main objective of this paper is to study the per- formance of a framework for encoding visual feature descriptor s. Local visual feature descriptors a...

SBrT 2015

Temperature Humidity Monitoring and Control Application Using Concepts of Internet of Things

In this paper, we present an application of Internet of Things (IoT) using Cloud concepts. The main idea of this application is monitoring and control of t...

SBrT 2015

The Influence of the Symbol Detection Error on Cooperative In-home Power Line Communication based on HS-OFDM Scheme

This work analyzes the influence of symbol detection error on cooperative in-home power line communication base d on channel estimates provided by a measu...

SBrT 2015