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Sociedade Brasileira de Telecomunicações

2015 - XXXIII Simpósio Brasileiro de Telecomunicações

Throughput-Based Satisfaction Maximization for a Multi-Cell Downlink OFDMA System Considering Imperfect CSI

In realistic scenarios, imperfect Channel State Information (CSI) at the transmitter can induce the resource assignment to a user whose real channel state ...

SBrT 2015

An Improved Rational Model with Memory for the Digital Baseband Predistortion of Power Amplifier

The use of models described by the ratio of two polynomial approximations with memory has been rece iving particular attention by the wireless communicati...

SBrT 2015

Aproximações para Somas de Envoltórias Nakagami- m e α -μ via Casamento de Assíntotas

In this work, we introduce a new method for approximating the probability density function of sums of positive random variables. In addition, as important...

SBrT 2015

Análise de Privacidade em Redes IP: Aspectos Técnicos e Jurídicos

This paper is the result of a study on security and privacy on the Internet. An analysis will be done by addressing the technical aspects of communicatio...

SBrT 2015

Sensoriamento de Espectro Contínuo Baseado em Cancelamento de Fontes

Tendo em vista que o sensoriamento de espectro é a principal funcionalidade que habilita as redes de rádios cognitivos a usarem as melhores oportunidades no ...

SBrT 2015