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Sociedade Brasileira de Telecomunicações

2015 - XXXIII Simpósio Brasileiro de Telecomunicações

Classification of the perfect codes in the ∞ -Lee metric

This paper is concerned with perfect codes in the ∞ -Lee metric. A complete classification and description of all (linear and non-linear) two-dimensional ...

SBrT 2015

Some Reflections on the 35 Years of the Constant Modulus Criterion

This work, which is intended to be a celebration to the 35 years of the constant modulus criterion and to the impact it had in the development of our rese...

SBrT 2015

Estimação da Energia do Sinal de Múons do Calorímetro Hadrônico do Experimento ATLAS

Este trabalho apresenta o estudo, o desenvolvimento e a implementação da técnica mais eficiente para estimação de energia no contexto de um projeto relaciona...

SBrT 2015

Comparison of interpolation methods for missing data reconstruction

The missing data approach was developed to perform automatic speech recognition in noisy environments. This technique identifies and uses in the recognition...

SBrT 2015

Simulação de Dipolos Retangulares de Grafeno na Faixa de Terahertz no COMSOL

This paper shows the study about antennas dipole of graphene with different dimensions being excited by voltage source. For that it will be used the soft...

SBrT 2015