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Sociedade Brasileira de Telecomunicações

2013 - XXXI Simpósio Brasileiro de Telecomunicações

Traditional, Lengthened and Shortened LT Codes Comparison

Shortened and lengthened systematic Luby Trans- form Codes (LT-codes) have been shown, in this paper, to perform better than their equivalent mother codes ...

SBrT 2013

Estrategias de encurtamento em codigos LDPC

Four strategies for LDPC code shortening has been investigated in this work. A shortening strategy is characterized basically by the choice of positions in t...

SBrT 2013

LTE Pico Nodes Indoor Deployment Aspects

Technology evolution over the last few years added many demands on mobile networks. To be able to support new requirements and to keep customers satisfied,...

SBrT 2013

Algoritmo de estimação do azimute para alvos distribuídos em radares do tipo ArcSAR

This article presents an algorithm to estimate a distributed target’s azimuth using an ArcSAR radar. This radar has transmitting and receiving antennas which...

SBrT 2013

Radar Meteorológico com Antenas Fixas: Projeto e Analise de Detector Ótimo

In a recent paper, we have proposed a new lowcost framework for the construction of meteorological radars, by using two fixed widebeam antennas. In this wor...

SBrT 2013