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Avaliação do Efeito do JPEG e JPEG2000 na Decodificação de CQR Codes

This paper presents a binary matrix code based on QR Code (Quick Response Code), denoted as CQR Code (Colored Quick Response Code), and evaluates the effect of JPEG and JPEG2000 compression on the decoding process. The proposed CQR Code has three additional colors (red, green and blue), what enables twice as much storage capacity when compared to the traditional black and white QR Code. Using the Reed-Solomon error-correcting code, the CQR Code model has a theoretical correction capability of 38.41%. The goal of this paper is to verify what is the maximum compression rate a CQR Code image can be compressed without affecting the decoding process. Results show that a successful decoding process can be achieved for compression rates of up to 0.3839bits/pixel and 0.1238bits/pixel for JPEG and JPEG2000 formats, respectively.

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