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Estudo de Entrelaçadores para Códigos Convolucionais Não-Unicamente Decodificáveis no Canal Aditivo com Dois Usuários Binários

This paper presents a comparative study among distinct classes of interleavers, applied to non-uniquely decodable convolutional code pairs, over a two-user binary adder channel (2-BAC), in the presence of additive white Gaussian noise. Performance curves are presented with results of computer simulations, when using convolutional encoders for each user in the turbo structure, making use of different types of interleavers. It is observed that for two users a bit error probability around Pb = 10−4 interleavers as DRP, S-random and polynomial presented a gain of approximately 1, 0 dB in signal to noise ratio with respect to the rectangular interleaver of Berrou and Glavieux

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