A Static 4:1 Frequency Divider up to 16 GHz in 120 nm CMOS
Hans-Dieter Wohlmuth, Daniel Kehrer, Werner Simbürger

DOI: 10.14209/its.2002.106
Evento: 2002 International Telecommunications Symposium (ITS2002)
"A completely integrated 16 GHz static 4:1 frequency divider in 120 nm CMOS is presented. The divider operates up to 16 GHz and features an enhanced input sensitivity of 0 dBm over a broad input band of 14 GHz. The circuit draws 60 mA from a single 1.5 V supply. To drive 50 \u03a9 loads up to 4 GHz, an output buffer is also included in the divider circuit."