A Solution of Rectangular Ridged Waveguide Using the Finite Element Method
Eik Tenório, Paulo R. Pascholati, Cláudio C. Motta

DOI: 10.14209/its.2002.20
Evento: 2002 International Telecommunications Symposium (ITS2002)
Keywords: Finite Element Method Ridged Waveguide Rectangular Ridged Waveguide Second-order Triangular Element Vector Field Distribution
"A numerical code based on the Finite Element Method (FEM) was developed to solve the ridged waveguide eigenvalue problem. In order to apply the FEM, the Galerkin Weak Formulation was used. The solution is obtained by using the Finite Element Method with quadratic triangular shape functions. The eigenvalue spectrum of the single and double rectangular ridged waveguide is shown and it is compared with other numerical approaches and the electrical field distribution of lower modes is also presented. The code was developed using C language. "