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Evaluation of the Effects of the Co-Channel Interference on the Bit Error Rate of Cellular Systems for BPSK Modulation

A performance analysis in terms of the bit error rate for digital systems with co-channel interference is done. In order to evaluate the effects of the interference on systems performance, expressions for the bit error rate are obtained for different scenarios. In these scenarios we consider one, two or K interferers that have the same power. If K is large, the interference is gaussian and the interference can be treated as equivalent noise. Scenarios with two interferers, where one of them is dominant and where the interference is asynchronous to the signal are also considered. Although the gaussian approximation is easy to be obtained, it is considered not a good model for cellular networks, because the number of main interferers is in essence one or two. This paper presents an effective tool to evaluate how much effective are the diverse schemes proposed to mitigate the co-channel interference in cellular networks.

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