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Design for Multi-Vehicle Roadside Tracking Based on Radio Tomographic Imaging

With the increasing amount of vehicles on the road, traffic jams pose a growing global problem. Traffic surveillance is a crucial step into improving traffic flow. This paper proposes a design and methodology for the estimation of occupancy and velocity of multiple vehicles on a single lane road segment using Radio Tomographic Imaging (RTI). RTI is an emerging technol- ogy that produces images of the change in the electromagnetic field of a monitored area, making it possible to track device- free objects such as humans and cars. The proposal is based on the analysis of three works discussed in this paper, together with a newly introduced vehicle detection method. To the best of our knowledge, this paper is the first to propose the surveillance of multiple vehicles simultaneously using RTI sub-networks. We also propose a novel car detection and speed estimation method. The contribution of this paper is to stimulate research of the possibility of using RTI networks as being part of an Intelligent Transport System (ITS).

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