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Performance of WHT-STC-OFDM in Mobile Frequency Selective Channel

High data rate systems usually employ Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing and Space-Time Coding to improve the performance on a mobile time-variant frequency-selective channel. Nonlinearities introduced by the power amplifier can be minimized by performing a WashHadamard Transform on the data symbol prior the Inverse Fast Fourier Transform (IFFT) at the transmitter. This procedure reduces the peak-to-average power ratio of the OFDM symbol. An extra advantage of the WHT combined with OFDM is the performance improvement on a frequency-selective channel. The aim of this paper is to present an analytical expression to estimate the performance of the WHT-STCOFDM taking into account the receiver/transmitter mobility, the channel frequency response and the noise added by the channel. The theoretical results are corroborated by computer simulations.

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