Video Quality Assessment Based on the Effect of the Estimation of the Spatial Perceptual Information
Carlos D. M. Regis, José V. de M. Cardoso, Marcelo S. Alencar

DOI: 10.14209/sbrt.2012.22
Evento: XXX Simpósio Brasileiro de Telecomunicações (SBrT2012)
Keywords: Video Quality Assessment Structural Similarity Visual Attention Spatial Perceptual Information Human Visual System.
The objective video quality assessment is a quick and low cost alternative compared with the subjective evaluation. However, the objective evaluation is not as reliable, because their results are not always according to the perceived quality of the human visual system. This paper presents a new metric for objective video quality assessment, called PW-SSIM, based on the investigation of how the spatial perceptual information can be used as an estimate to predict the visual attention to a particular region of the video and insert a quality weighting according to the spatial perceptual information values. The PWSSIM presents higher correlation coefficients when compared to popular models (PSNR and SSIM), for a subjective evaluation with 40 participants, considering degraded videos with salt and pepper, blurring and blocking, and 24 participants considering videos subject to Gaussian noise, suggesting that the PW-SSIM has a better ability to predict the perceived video quality for a group of spectators.