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Geometria de Aquisição Circular com Múltiplos Sensores para Mapeamento Através de Paredes utilizando Sinais de RF

Radiofrequency (RF) Through-the-Wall Map- ping (TWM) employs techniques originally applied in Computer- ized Tomographic Imaging to reconstruct the floor blueprint and therefore map static obstacles behind walls. Most TWM scenarios assume a parallel-beam geometry, where two mobile sensors (one transmitter and one receiver) obtain the RF received power samples. Such scheme does not prioritize acquisition speed, which is of paramount importance when one considers the intended RF TWM applications, such as rescuing efforts in collapsed buildings and tactical teams intervention in hostage situations. The current work addresses this issue by proposing an alternative acquisition geometry: Multi-Sensor Circular Acquisition Geometry. The validity of the proposal is evaluated using a Finite Element Method model, previously defined by the authors.

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