Traffic Engineering and Maintenance Domains in WDM Carrier Ethernet Networks
Leandro C. Resendo, Flávio Rabello, Moisés R. N. Ribeiro

DOI: 10.14209/sbrt.2010.80
Evento: VII International Telecommunications Symposium (ITS2010)
Keywords: Optical Network Carrier Ethernet Muli-ring Protection
This paper proposes optimal approaches integrating traffic engineering and protected network connection in Ethernet-over-WDM technology, analyzing to multi-ring and mesh network topologies. It is expected that management can benefit by multi-ring approaches but at a cost of more transceivers required due to its traffic routing constraints. However, study cases with 20 different traffic matrices are performed with 13 nodes in this paper show small transceiver count differences between optimal designs based on both multiring and mesh routing in protected and unprotected.