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Seleção de Relays para o Enlace Reverso de Redes Cooperativas Utilizando SC-FDMA com Restrições de Adjacência

In this article we study relay selection and resource allocation in a cooperative network that employs SC-FDMA (Sin- gle Carrier - Frequency Division Multiple Access) in the uplink direction such as in LTE (Long Term Evolution) system. With SC- FDMA, the frequency resources assigned to a transmitter should be adjacent in the frequency domain (adjacency constraint). We formulate the total data rate maximization problem as a non- linear combinatorial optimization problem. Through algebraic manipulations we managed to convert the original problem in a MILP (Mixed Integer Linear Problem) that can be optimally solved by standard computational solvers. Finally, we present a performance evaluation in order to better understand the impact of the main variables of the presented model on the system performance.

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