Analysis of Antennas Array with Photonic Bandgap
Humberto César C. Fernandes, Jean Douglas S. Marcelino

DOI: 10.14209/its.2002.47
Evento: 2002 International Telecommunications Symposium (ITS2002)
"The use of photonic crystals is important in the theory concerning electromagnetic and optical propagation. The theory of Photonic Bandgap-PBG was first developed for lightwaves and it\u2019s fairly applicable for centimeter and millimeter waves. The presence of photonic materials as substrates of planar antennas yields some desirable features such as suppression of spontaneous emission and prevention of surface waves, thus avoiding coupling between the antenna elements and between antennas in a planar array. This work intends to perform a detailed analysis of these devices using the TTL-Transverse Transmission Line method, a efficient full wave method which gives concise results for microstrip antenna arrays with two layers PBG substrates."