14-38 GHz 14 dB Monolithic Integrated Mixer in SiGe Bipolar Technology
Sabine Hackl, Josef Böck

DOI: 10.14209/its.2002.35
Evento: 2002 International Telecommunications Symposium (ITS2002)
"This work describes a monolithic integrated active mixer in a pre-production 0.4 \u00b5m SiGe bipolar technology. The 3 dB bandwidth is in the frequency range between 14 and 38 GHz with gain higher than 14 dB. At 38 GHz the circuit has a 3rd order intercept point of 19.3 dBm referred to the output. The mixer may be used for future broadband wireless services like LMDS at 28 and 38 GHz."