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Brincando com Blocos: Uma Nova Combinação da Transmissão em Blocos com a Técnica de Múltiplo Acesso CDMA

This paper addresses a new possible combination of the single carrier (SC) block transmission and the Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) techniques. Performance comparisons with the traditional SC CDMA block transmission system are presented. A key feature of the proposed transmission technique is that, differently from what occurs with SC CDMA, the original code orthogonality between users is preserved despite propagation through multipath frequency selective channels, thus ideally allowing the decoupling of the signals at the receiver side. Beyond this advantage, and mostly due to it, the performance results indicate a clear superiority of the proposed system over the traditional SC CDMA. The simulation results consider frequency domain ZF (Zero Forcing) and MMSE (Minimum Mean Squared Error) equalization and assume perfect knowledge of the transmission channels.

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