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Alocação de Potência Adaptativa para Maximização da Eficiência Espectral Sujeita a Restrições de Satisfação

In this work we revisit the radio resource alocation problem of maximizing the total transmit data rate subject to satisfaction guarantees in terms of QoS. It was previously studied on the perspective of resource block assignment (only) considering equal power allocation and, herein, we study this problem assuming adaptive power allocation. One of the contri- butions of this work is the formulation of the studied problem as a non-linear integer optimization problem. Then, based on reasonable assumptions and some algebraic operations we were able to convert this problem to an integer and linear optimization problem. Through the analysis of the optimal solution that was obtained by means of computational simulations, we are able to assess the possible performance gains that could be obtained due to the use of adaptive power allocation in terms of QoS guarantees.

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