Classificação Automática de Modulações DP m-PSK e DP m-QAM em Receptores Ópticos Coerentes Flexíveis
Antonio M. C. Pereira, Rafael S Furtado, Diego A. Amoedo, Myke D. M. Valadão, Celso Barbosa Carvalho, André L. A. Costa, Waldir Silva

DOI: 10.14209/sbrt.2021.1570724020
Evento: XXXIX Simpósio Brasileiro de Telecomunicações e Processamento de Sinais (SBrT2021)
Keywords: Classificação automática de modulação Aprendizado de máquina Redes ópticas
With the growing demand for higher transmission rates, an alternative is to seek efficient ways of use for the resources in optical networks. Technologies such as flex grid, dynamically allocate the channels accordingly to the network demands. Automatic modulation classification techniques provide information that help to define some transmission parameters such as, ideal modulation format for the transmission medium, frequency and phase recovery algorithms, single or multi carriers transmissions, error correction algorithms and amplifiers gain. This paper presents a research about automatic modulation classification in flexible optical coherent receivers. To accomplish that was used a back-to-back setup between a receiver and transmitter. Other than that, were generated 93,600 signals modulated as DP m-PSK and DP m-QAM, with thirteen noise levels. Lastly, the results show that is a promising research.