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Desempenho de Outage de Redes Assistidas por VANT Operando em Modo Full Duplex sob Desvanecimento Fluctuating Two-Ray e SWIPT

In this paper, the performance of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) assisted wireless network under fluctuating two-ray (FTR) channels is assessed in terms of the outage probability. In particular, the FTR model allows to characterize the fading phenomenon in a wide range of frequencies, including that of millimeter waves. In this system, the UAV is considered to cooperate in the communication between source and destination, operating in full duplex retransmission mode under the amplify-and-forward protocol. Wireless energy transfer (WET), simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (SWIPT) and self-recycling energy techniques are also considered. The system performance is evaluated through exhaustive Monte Carlo simulations accounting for several key system parameters, such as the time allocation factor between the WET and SWIPT phases, power splitting factor, average channel gain of the self-interference link, among others.

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