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Ray-Tracing 5G Channels from Scenarios with Mobility Control of Vehicles and Pedestrians

Millimeter waves (mmWave) it is one of 5G networks strategies to achieve high bit rates. Measurement campaigns with these signals are difficult and require expensive equipment. In order to generate realistic data this paper refines a methodology for "virtual" measurements of 5G channels, which combines a Simulation of Urban Mobility (SUMO - Simulation of Urban Mobility) with a ray-tracing (RT) simulator (Wireless InSite). SUMO is responsible for controlling mobility, positioning pedestrians and vehicles throughout each scene while Wireless InSite is repeatedly invoked, simulating the interactions between receivers and transmitters. The orchestration among both simulators are done using a Python software. To check how the realism can influence the computational cost, it was made a numerical analyse between the number of faces and the simulation time.

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