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Acompanhamento de microestrutura paramagnética fragilizante usando análise harmônica da tensão induzida

An electromagnetic test to follow paramagnetic phase formation in a ferromagnetic material was studied for the application of waves with frequencies of 50 Hz and 100 Hz and different amplitudes and measurement of the voltage induced in a second coil positioned on the opposite side of the study material. The obtained signals were passed to the frequency domain by the application of fast Fourier transform and analyzed the intensities of the first harmonic. The amplitude of these was used to accompany the formation of a embrittlement phase formed in a duplex stainless steel. The measurements obtained by the electromagnetic test were correlated with the hardening of the material and its capacity to absorb energy by impact. The amplitude measurements were able to follow the formation of the formed phase. The values had a reduction with a tendency to stabilization due to the anchoring effect of the precipitates formed on the movement of the magnetic domains walls, as well as the paramagnetism of this phase.

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