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Investigação do Uso de Estruturas CSRR em Antenas de Microfita

This work aims to investigate the use of CSRR (Complementary Split Ring Resonator) structures in the ground plane of microstrip antennas, for use in 4G/LTE wireless systems in the 2.5 GHz band. Two geometries for the radiating elements of the antennas, the circular and the rectangular, were used. Some initial equations were used to design the CSRR structures, followed by a numerical optimization process. In this way, the numerical and experimental analyzes of the changes in antennas characteristics were carried out, mainly in resonance frequency, bandwidth and radiation pattern. The simulated results were obtained using the commercial software ANSYS, which uses the Moment Method (MoM). The simulated and measured results of the antennas with the SRR structures printed on their ground plane were compared with those obtained by circular and rectangular patch antennas with a conventional ground plane, observing a reduction in their resonant frequency, allowing the miniaturization process.

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