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Emprego de técnica FDMA-SCM em Redes Ópticas Passivas com o uso de RSOAs

This paper demonstrates and shows experimental results of a FDMA-SCM PON by using an optical power supply system built with a single central light source positioned in the Optical Line Terminal. This configuration is an attractive option as an optical access network which includes the ability to efficiently divide the large bandwidth transmission of fiber optic and allows the use of advanced modulation schemes increasing the transmission capacity of ONUs. In this architecture, the devices use radio frequency to generate frequency channels, which the ONUs use to transmit and receive data. ONUs are built with cheap TO-uncooled RSOAs, and it is a low cost solution. This configuration was tested in the upstream data transmission, and it was compared with various types of modulation. It has been shown an effective data rate of 1.7Gbps with two ONUs.

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