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Cardiac Rehabilitation: an IoT Architecture Exploring Situation Awareness Based on Open-Source Technologies

The IoT is influencing how computational systems are developed, enabling new application scenarios and more intelligent user interaction. The inference and prediction of user situation is a research challenge in IoT, because a large number of sensors information need to be collected and processed to implement those features. To handle this scenario, middleware systems are generally applied. This paper presents a view of EXEHDA, a middleware conceived to support the execution of IoT situation-aware applications. Particularly, we highlight an ar- chitecture integrated to EXEHDA middleware, named EXEHDA- HP, created for supporting hybrid processing of context data, aiming at detection of situations. To evaluate the architecture was carried out a case study in health area, focusing on cardiac rehabilitation. To prototyping the EXEHDA-HP were employed widely available and open-source technologies, potentializing the use of the architecture in different segments of society.

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