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Physical Modeling of RF Through-the-Wall Mapping using FEM

Radiofrequency (RF) Through-the-Wall Mapping (TWM) employs techniques originally applied in Computerized Tomographic Imaging to map obstacles behind walls. Therefore, it can provide valuable information in military operations in urban scenarios, as well as in rescuing efforts in damaged buildings. This work proposes applying Finite Element Method (FEM) to simulate a parallel-beam geometry RF TWM setup. The use of FEM simulations allows faster evaluation of different reconstruction algorithms for several geometries and materials. Furthermore, due to time and budgetary constraints, sometimes field measurements campaigns cannot be carried out. A test floor blueprint was defined, and Filtered Backprojection Reconstruction was applied to recover the floor map. The achieved results were compared to results obtained through field measurements and available in the literature. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first use of FEM simulations in a TWM problem.

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