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Improving the Performance of MIMO PLC System with Feedback Information: Time-Varying Channel Analysis

This contribution aims to improve the data transmission performance of a power line communication (PLC) scheme with quantized feedback channel. It is considered a 2 × 2 PLC time-varying channel. A quantized channel state information is fed back to update the transmitter aiming at maximizing the instantaneous signal-to-noise ratio. In order to evaluate the system performance under a time-varying channel, single- and multi-carrier modulation schemes are taken into account. The results reveals that for single-carrier modulation the performance can considerably change because the spread of the coefficients of the channel and, as a consequence, the choice of center frequency is relevant to motivate the use of feedback channel to improve the performance (up to 5 dB). On the other hand, the use of multi-carrier modulation with feedback channel state information can offer improvements as high as 2.5 dB.

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