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Sociedade Brasileira de Telecomunicações

2016 - XXXIV Simpósio Brasileiro de Telecomunicações

Sensing-Throughput Tradeoff in Cognitive Radio Network

This paper deals with the relationship between the sensing time and throughput in a cognitive radio network (CRN) using energy detector (ED). The sensing ...

SBrT 2016

Multiband Spectrum Sensing via Edge Detection Using a Wavelet Approach

In cognitive radio (CR), the sensed aggregate bandwidth could be as large as several GHz. This is especially challenging if the bandwidths and central freq...

SBrT 2016

Eigenfilter -based Automatic Modulation Classification with Offsets for Distributed Antenna Systems

Automatic modulation classification (AMC) schemes are crucial for cognitive radio applications in 5G systems as well as for military scenarios. Current AMC...

SBrT 2016

Análise Experimental da Interferência de Comunicação de redes IEEE 802.11n sobre redes IEEE 802.15.4

Este artigo apresenta uma análise de interferência de uma rede IEEE 802.11n sobre uma rede IEEE 802.15.4 operando na faixa de frequência de 2.4 GHz. Foram re...

SBrT 2016

Efficient Power Allocation for Multiple Relays with Lossy Intra-Links and Distributed Source Coding

The so-called Chief Executive Officer problem has inspired some relay transmission schemes. It suggests that the source message can be recovered at the des...

SBrT 2016