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Sociedade Brasileira de Telecomunicações

2010 - VII International Telecommunications Symposium

Modelling Power Consumption in IEEE 802.16e WiMAX Mobile Nodes

Energy availability is the main delimiter for usage time of mobile devices. As wireless network interfaces are usually the most power-demanding subsystem ...

SBrT 2010

Resonances of Modified Bowtie Nanoparticles with Higher Field Enhancements

In this paper, we present an analysis of the resonant behavior of modified bowtie nanoparticles with polynomial sides. The method of moments is used to sol...

SBrT 2010

Nanophotonics in Modern Communication Systems – Feasibility of Plasmon-Polariton Waveguides in Optical Networks

Use of surface-plasmons-polaritons has become a potential way to develop optical components below the diffraction limit. This paper reports the feasibility...

SBrT 2010

Removing Highlighting in Paper Documents

Very often interested readers highlight documents with felt pens. Such marking may be seen as personal and physically “damaging” the original document, thu...

SBrT 2010

An Open Source HMM-based Text-to-Speech System for Brazilian Portuguese

Text-to-speech (TTS) is currently a mature technology that is used in many applications. Some modules of a TTS depend on the language and, while there are m...

SBrT 2010