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Sociedade Brasileira de Telecomunicações

2013 - XXXI Simpósio Brasileiro de Telecomunicações

Wireless Communications in the Undergrad Curriculum

The field of wireless communications even in its restriction to cellular systems continues to expand rapidly. As such, its introduction in the undergraduat...

SBrT 2013

WiFi Multifloor Indoor DCM Positioning

Database correlation methods (DCM) are used to locate mobile stations (MS’s) in wireless networks. A target radiofrequency (RF) fingerprint - measured by th...

SBrT 2013

Virtual Cell Zooming and Sleep Mode for 3GPP-LTE Green Cellular Networks

This paper presents a study on green cellular networks for 3GPP-LTE networks, comparing the performance of the sleep mode and cell zooming algorithms not o...

SBrT 2013

Verifying Fixed-Point Digital Filters using SMT- Based Bounded Model Checking

The implementation of digital filters in processors based on fixed-point arithmetic can lead to problems related to the finite word-length. In particular, ...

SBrT 2013

Verificação de Propriedades de Filtros Digitais Implementados com Aritmética de Ponto Fixo

In the digital signal processing area, one of the most important tasks is the digital filter design. Currently, this procedure is performed with the aid of c...

SBrT 2013