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Sociedade Brasileira de Telecomunicações

Strong Self-Phase Modulation in Data Erasing Beyond 20 Gb/s Using Saturated Ultra-Long SOA

Optical data extinction using ultra-long SOA is evaluated up to 56 Gb/s. The analysis of the deleterious effects such as spectral broadening and imperfect ...

SBrT 2012

Studies of indoor wave propagation and antenna diversity in UHF RFID systems

Analytical and experimental investigations considering indoor wave propagation and antenna diversity are presented for passive UHF RFID systems. Modelling re...

SBrT 2019

Study about the Influence of Tag Collision over the Identified RFID tag signals

In passive UHF RFID systems, tag collisions occur when multiple tags transmit simultaneously to reader. Due to the mixture of waves, the reader cannot differ...

SBrT 2019

Studying the compression performance of video descriptors

The main objective of this paper is to study the per- formance of a framework for encoding visual feature descriptor s. Local visual feature descriptors a...

SBrT 2015

Study of a Pilotless Fine Frequency Estimator Algorithm in Burst-mode PSK Transmissions

This work investigated the frequency estimation method and proposed an improved pilotless fine frequency estimator (FFE) algorithm for burst-mode (PSK) trans...

SBrT 2019